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Joint statement on partnership between the New Zealand Government and the APF

الجرافيك MFAT's Georgia Grice and the APF's Thuy Doan Smith sign the joint statement

The New Zealand Government and the APF are proud to announce a renewed partnership to support NHRIs across the region.

The Government of New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) are committed to the realisation of human rights for all people, and recognise the critical role of NHRIs in achieving this. We are proud to announce our renewed partnership, and are excited to continue promoting human rights and championing equality across our Blue Pacific Continent together. 

NHRIs are an essential part of human rights and governance infrastructure, and strengthen democratic values. They are independent bodies, established by law, to promote and protect human rights in their countries. NHRIs are responsible for monitoring and promoting human rights; standing up for those in need of protection; and holding their governments to account. NHRIs also have the power to investigate and report on human rights violations; and drive genuine change through supporting legislative reform and elevating voices of vulnerable communities. 

The Asia Pacific Forum helps bridge the gap between individuals, governments, civil society, and the international community on human rights. The Forum works in collaboration with regional with regional stakeholders to support the establishment and strengthening of NHRIs in the Pacific and further abroad. The Forum works to ensure these are high-functioning, effective, and comply with the Paris Principles. 

Our multi-year partnership will support implementation of the Asia Pacific Forum’s Strategic Plan across the Pacific. It will help bolster understanding of the role of NHRIs, and the establishment and strengthening of new and existing NHRIs in the region. The key objectives are to help achieve meaningful change for the most vulnerable communities, and advance the rights of all Pacific people. 

Ahead of International Human Rights Day, the Government of New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Forum are excited to announce this critical support; recognising that human rights are vital to achieving peace, prosperity, and long-term resilience. This is a welcome opportunity to support the realisation of human rights for all people in our Pacific region. 

~ New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

~ Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions 

View the joint statement here.

Date: 22 November 2022, Fiji