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Business and human rights: Blended learning course

Graphic: Women work in a garment factory, Dhaka

Event starts

03 Apr 2017

Event ends

07 Jun 2017


Online learning: 3 April - 5 May 2017
Workshop: 5-7 June 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

This course is open to staff of all APF member institutions


The relation between business activities and enjoyment of human rights has been the subject of increased attention over the last years.

As recognised in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: "National human rights institutions that comply with the Paris Principles have an important role to play in helping States identify whether relevant laws are aligned with their human rights obligations and are being effectively enforced, and in providing guidance on human rights also to business enterprises and other non-State actors".

This blended learning program contributes to building the capacity of NHRIs to exercise their mandate in the area of business and human rights.

What is the course about?

The course introduces participants to the field of business and human rights, including the three pillars of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: protect, respect and remedy.

The course explores how the mandate of Paris Principle-compliant NHRIs applies to the topic of business and human rights, including looking at practical actions that NHRIs can implement.

These actions can include; applying standards and principles on business and human rights in national policy, legislation and regulation; monitoring and reporting; and access to remedy, to the benefit of rights-holders in their countries.

At the end of the blended learning course, participants should be able to:

  • Use key standards and guidelines in the business and human rights field
  • Demonstrate NHRIs' relevance to business and human rights
  • Plan concrete institutional actions on business and human rights.

Who can apply to participate to this course?

This course is for staff of all APF member institutions. Participants should currently work on activities specifically related to business and human rights and be committed to the development of an action plan to implement the knowledge gained in the course and share lessons learned within their NHRI.

The application form specifies the selection criteria and needs to be filled in by prospective applicants diligently, as it constitutes the basis on which applicants are selected.

Deadline for application: March 17 2017

Where and when?

The e-learning will take place between 3 April - 5 May 2017.

The three-day face-to-face workshop will take place on 5 - 7 June 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand.

More information is available in the course brochure.

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This course is part of the NHRI.EU capacity project, which aims to strengthen the capacities of NHRIs individually and collectively in line with the UN Paris Principles.

Find out more at www.humanrights.dk/projects/nhrieu-capacity-project

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