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NHRIs in Southeast Asia: Challenges of Protection

Graphic: NHRI staff member in a training program with military

Event starts

13 Jul 2017

Event ends

14 Jul 2017


Asia Centre; Bangkok, Thailand
Investigation Intl. engage Monitoring Advocacy

NHRIs, academics, researchers, students and civil society will share evidence-based research to explore the challenges and possibilities

This conference aims to serve as a platform for representatives from NHRIs, academics, researchers, students and civil society interested in the topic to explore, through evidence based research, the potentials, challenges and opportunities of these Southeast Asian NHRIs and their contribution to human rights protection in the region.

Visit the Asia Centre website for the full conference concept note: http://asiacentre.co.th.

Submit an abstract

Asia Centre invites the submission of abstracts on the role of NHRIs in Southeast Asia in protecting human rights. We welcome submissions from specialists in this field, including by former and current practitioners in the region's NHRIs.

Submit an abstract in English – 300 to 350 words – and a short bio to contact@asiacentre.co.th. Deadline: 28 February 2017

Conference themes

NHRIs, international human rights system and networks

How is the interaction between the NHRIs at the international level, for example with the UPR and UN? What is the role of GANHRI in the growth and development of the NHRIs worldwide?

NHRIs in the national context

Why States create NHRIs? What are its mandates, legal basis, powers, functions and its compliances with Paris Principles? What happens to others that do not have any? Topics can be related to NHRIs and State compliance, NHRIs and political regimes, NHRIs and judiciary.

NHRIs and regional human rights system and networks

Now that the AICHR has been established, how is the relationship between the NHRIs and AICHR? How have the NHRIs responded to the AHRD? To what extent the regional networks such as the SEANF and the APF could help in term of advancing the protection role of the NHRIs?

NHRIs and human rights protection

NHRIs' mandates and powers are varied; do they help in securing remedies or compensation? What are their impacts on protecting human rights? Now that NHRIs have engaged with other human rights networks regionally and globally, how has it help in dealing with trans-boundary human rights issues?

Image credits

  1. NHRI staff member in a training program with military - Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines