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Consultant required for evaluation of EU-funded project: NHRI Capacity Building, Phase 1

Graphic: Participants in a workshop on the monitoring function of NHRIs

Applications from suitably qualified consultants must be submitted by 4 May 2018

Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions LogoGlobal Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions

The Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institution (GANHRI) mandated the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) to implement this European Union (EU) funded project on behalf of GANHRI.

DIHR is the grant manager with the overall responsibility for the implementation of activities and management of funds.

The overall objective of the project was to strengthen NHRIs and their regional and international networks. The project sought to reach this aim by strengthening NHRIs individually and collectively, in line with the Paris Principles.

More specifically the project aimed to increase their impact and effectiveness in promoting and protecting human rights, with focus on their activities related to human rights monitoring and reporting, human rights education, business and human rights, and economic, social and cultural rights.

Furthermore, the aim was to strengthen NHRIs' collective impact to promote and protect human rights at regional levels by strengthening regional NHRI networks and GANHRI stakeholders.

The objectives of the evaluation of the project are:

  • To assess expected and unexpected outputs and outcomes delivered by the project
  • To summarize the implicit theory of change of the project and to assess its validity
  • To inform the development of the second phase of the project.

More information on the project is available at: http://www.humanrights.dk/projects/nhrieu-capacity....

The evaluation will consider the expected objectives, specific indicators and expected results, which are formulated in the project document and assess to what extent they have been fulfilled or whether the project has led to unexpected outcomes.

The evaluation will also consider the implementation process and its contribution or attribution to strengthening the capacities of participating NHRIs and that of the regional NHRI networks and the GANHRI network.

The Terms of Reference for the consultancy and other project documentation is available at: https://www.udbud.dk/Pages/Tenders/ShowTender?tenderid=42828

The tenderer must provide an expert for the purpose of achieving the evaluation objectives and outputs.

Proposals must be submitted by 4 May 2018.

Image credits

  1. Participants in a workshop on the monitoring function of NHRIs - APF/Kate Turner-Mann