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Proposals sought for Social Media Consultant


Experienced consultants are requested to submit their proposal by 14 January 2021.

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A fundamental goal of the APF is to support the establishment of independent national human rights institutions in the region and to strengthen our members to do this work. We also bring our members together, and build partnerships with others, to tackle some of the most serious and complex human rights challenges facing our region.

Partnerships and collaboration are vital to the work, effectiveness, and financial sustainability of the APF. Partnerships are also crucial for NHRIs to create positive change for the communities they serve. To strengthen existing partnerships with both member NHRIs and stakeholders and develop new partnerships, the APF is seeking expertise to develop our social media presence.

In the development of this social media presence, the APF is aiming to profile the work of NHRIs and their unique role in the international human rights framework, highlight the contribution of the APF to the greater realisation of rights in the region, engage with new potential partners by building our brand and profile; and to improve and strengthen relationships with existing partners through strategic, engaging, and informative communication content.

Download the Request for Quotation from the APF website.

Scope of engagement

The APF are seeking consultancy expertise to work collaboratively with the team to produce the following deliverables:

  • Research of the current market for international and regional human rights organisations and NHRIs to determine the most appropriate platforms for the APF,
  • Production of a social media strategy that aims to support the high-level Outcomes of the APF and departmental level strategies including the fundraising and capacity development strategies.
  • Provision of advice on business process for the day-to-day management of the platform/s (for example, key messages, sign-off, content scheduling, risk identification and management), the integration of the social media strategy within existing work practices,
  • Training for relevant staff on the management of platforms where required,
  • Development of relevant social media policies,
  • Provision of ad-hoc support where required.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience

The successful candidate will have demonstrated experience in:

  • Successful development and implementation of creative and innovative social media strategies, including for fundraising,
  • Development of policies and tools for the management of social media platforms,
  • Strategic thinking and keen awareness of the industry,
  • Management of risk for social media platforms,
  • Consideration of the implications of gender issues in their work.
Additionally, the successful candidate will need to:
  • Act in a professional manner and adhere to the APF Code of Conduct,
  • Work effectively and deliver outputs on time,
  • Be flexible and open to working in a complex environment with a small team,
  • Understanding of human rights and NHRIs
Please email your quotation/proposal to kateturner-mann@asiapacificforum.net by 17:00 (AEST) on 14 January 2021.