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Request for proposal: Consultancy for a capacity development programme


The APF is seeking a consultant to develop a capacity development programme on complaints handling and human rights investigations

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One of the main functions of the APF is to support NHRIs to be stronger, and more effective institutions in the region through capacity development programmes.

We work with members on capacity development activities and programmes, including developing a range of training and resource materials and packages.

To support this, we conduct blended learning activities and support NHRI collaboration through our online learning and collaboration space, the APF Community.

The APF is therefore looking to develop a capacity development programme on complaints handling and human rights investigations.

This will involve the creation of a self-facilitated and facilitated training course, development of case studies, tools and guidance notes to support the learning content and facilitation of an accompanying Community of Practice for participants to learn and collaborate with one another.

Download the Request for Proposal from the APF website.

Scope of Engagement

The contracted consultant, in close collaboration with the APF secretariat, will work to design, produce, and deliver a capacity development programme on complaints handling and human rights investigation, that includes producing content that can be delivered in multiple of platforms.

Specifically, the consultant will:

  • Design and develop a resource on complaints handling for NHRIs, that reflects and showcases the different models of complaints handling functions in the APF region and members.
  • Review APF Manual on Undertaking Effecting Investigations and develop case studies from the region that will accompany and expand on the content of the manual and the fact sheets.
  • Design and development of course outline and content for a micro-learning online platform, including advising on content development for audio/visual materials.
  • Facilitation of the online course, through the APF Community platform, as well as remote Question and Answer sessions with course participants.
  • Provide remote, technical advice in the form of remote coaching and support to Pacific NHRIs looking to strengthen their complaints handling and investigation function.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience

The Consultant will have demonstrated experience and expertise in:

  • Demonstrated high level expertise and experience in complaints handling and investigative functions for NHRIs in the Asia Pacific and other regions.
  • Demonstrated high level expertise in developing content and delivering capacity development activities on complaints handling and conducting human rights investigations.
  • Strong understanding of adult-centred learning, creating learning environments, creating training modules and curriculum, including for online and remote learning and facilitation.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills including writing, working effectively to deliver outputs on time, flexible working approach and working in a complex environment with a small team

Additionally, the Consultant will need to:

  • Ensure content developed includes appropriate gender considerations throughout, including in deliver of course in accordance with APF Gender Mainstreaming Guidelines for Trainers.
  • Act in a professional manner and adhere to the APF Code of Conduct, including any other relevant policies and guidelines.

Please email your quotation/proposal to fasoaishath@asiapacificforum.net by 17:00 (AEST) on 12 March 2021.