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Rights body listens to concerns of foreign workers

Graphic: Migrant workers on a street in Doha

The NHRC recently hosted discussions with migrant workers from countries including India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.

The National Human Rights Committee, in cooperation with the American Center for Labor Solidarity, has met with representatives of foreign workers - including those from India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal - to listen to their concerns.

The meeting addressed a number of important issues, especially in relation to the challenges facing workers and companies in applying the wage protection system under the new law.

A practical issue raised in the discussions was the inability of many workers to use ATM and money exchange machines, as most are not fluent in the languages used by those machines. In addition, the minimum withdrawal is not commensurate with workers' needs.

The meeting discussed a package of proposals, with participants calling for education on the new workers' law and practical training on the use ATM machines.

In addition, participants discussed the operation of the NHRC's community offices, launched in May 2015, including the nature of the petitions received and steps that could be taken to further assist workers using the service.

Date: 14 September 2015

Source: National Human Rights Committee of Qatar

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  1. Migrant workers on a street in Doha - Global.finland.fi, Flickr; http://bit.ly/1Fk0WaC