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APF Regional Consultation on Reproductive Rights

الجرافيك Mother and baby, Bangladesh

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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The consultation provided an opportunity for APF members to identify concrete steps they could take to better promote and protect reproductive rights.

In June 2011, a regional consultation brought together representatives from APF member institutions, UNFPA and the APF secretariat.

Participants discussed the 2011 APF-UNFPA study, Integrating Reproductive Rights into the Work of National Human Rights Institutions of the Asia Pacific.

The consultation also provided an opportunity for APF members to identify concrete steps they could take to better promote and protect reproductive rights in their work.

Some common suggestions included:

  • Updating their complaint systems to include a specific category for reproductive rights
  • Providing training to build awareness and skills among staff and Commissioners
  • Forging partnerships with experts and groups already working on the issue in their respective countries
  • Drawing government and community attention to the issue.

Meeting papers

Report of the Regional Consultation


Opening comments by Tan Sri Hasmy Agam

Opening comments by UNFPA representative

Presentation by Dr Anne Gallagher

Presentation by Dr Samuel Tororei

Presentation by Loretta Rosales

Follow up activities

Following the regional consultation, APF members have undertaken the following activities:

National Human Rights Commission of Nepal

  • Conducted a presentation for staff on the issues discussed during the regional consultation. See the presentation.

Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights

Jordan National Centre for Human Rights

  • In partnership with UNDP, organised a three-day training workshop for physicians in the public and private sector. Read the report.

New Zealand Human Rights Commission

  • Provided training and support to assist NGOs advocate to government on policy reforms; updated the Commission's compliant handling database to capture data about reproductive rights; and held briefings for all staff and Commissioners. Read the progress report.

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  1. Mother and baby, Bangladesh - Shutterfreak, Flickr; http://bit.ly/1VyjRWh