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APF hosts ‘virtual’ dialogue with Myanmar NHRI leadership team

الجرافيك MNHRC Commissioners take part in the discussions

The newly-appointed leadership team of the Myanmar's NHRI recently took part in the APF’s first-ever virtual High Level Dialogue.

The newly-appointed leadership team of the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission recently took part in the APF's first-ever virtual High Level Dialogue.

The High Level Dialogue is an opportunity for a new group of Commissioners to discuss their individual and collective roles and the human rights impact they want to have for individuals and communities in the country.

Normally involving two days of face-to-face discussions, COVID-19 travel restrictions meant the program was held over four days, with two topics discussed each day in discrete 90-minute online meetings.

"Despite being physically distant, we greatly appreciated the open and constructive discussions we were able to have with the Commission members," said Pip Dargan, APF Principal Adviser, Capacity Assessments and International Engagement.

Among a range of topics, the discussions covered:

  • The Paris Principles and the unique role and mandate of independent national human rights institutions
  • Engaging with the Parliament, government agencies, the media, police and military, civil society and non-governmental organisations
  • Promoting and protecting all human rights, including human rights defenders, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, women and children
  • Interacting with the international and regional human rights bodies
  • How the APF can support the Commission following the High Level Dialogue.

U Hla Myint, Myanmar's former representative to the ASEAN intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights, was appointed MNHRC Chairperson. He had also served as a Commission member from 2011-2014.

The 11-member Commission, appointed in January 2020, includes seven men and four women. Each will serve a five-year term.

Graphic: MNHRC Commissioners take part in the discussions

The Commission's leadership team also discussed implementation of the organisation's 2020-2024 Strategic Plan and the challenges in undertaking its work because of COVID-19.

The Plan, which sets out six key goals, was developed in 2019 in partnership with the APF, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

It draws on the findings and recommendations of an APF-led capacity assessment of the Commission in 2018.

"The APF has been a close and consistent partner of the Commission since it was established," said Ms Dargan.

"We will continue to provide the support necessary to help the Commission's new leadership team deliver on its mandate for all people in Myanmar," she said.

"We also appreciate the continuing support and cooperation from UNDP for this Dialogue."

The virtual High Level Dialogue, held from 3-6 August 2020, was facilitated by APF Expert NHRI Consultant Rosslyn Noonan and Pip Dargan, representing the APF secretariat, and Commissioner Karen Gomez-Dumpit from the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines.

Representatives from UNDP and OHCHR also participated in the final two sessions of the program.

Date: 11 August 2020

The APF's High Level Dialogue encourages new Commissioners within an NHRI to talk openly, share their priorities and chart a course to better promote and protect human rights in their country.

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  1. MNHRC Commissioners take part in the discussions - Myanmar National Human Rights Commission
  2. MNHRC Commissioners take part in the discussions - Myanmar National Human Rights Commission