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Graphic: Young boys stand arm in arm, Baghdad

High Commission for Human Rights of Iraq Full Member since 2022.

Conference Palace Building
Karada Mariam, Baghdad
P: +96 477 0399 6873 W: www.ihchr.iq/

APF membership

2016 (21st Annual Meeting)


The Commission was established pursuant to Article 102 of the Constitution; and The Law of the High Commission for Human Rights (No. 53) of 2008.

Role and functions

In order to promote and protect human rights, the Commission's mandate is set out in Article 3 as follows:

  • To ensure, protect and promote respect for human rights in Iraq
  • To protect the rights and freedoms stipulated in the constitution and legislation
  • To consolidate, breed, and develop the values and culture of human rights.

Its powers and competencies are set out in Chapter 2, Articles 4 - 6.

These include powers to:

  • Study, research and make recommendations to promote human rights
  • Examine and evaluate legislation and make recommendations to parliament
  • Recommend accession to international human rights treaties and agreements
  • Cooperate and coordinate with civil society institutions
  • Submit proposals promoting human rights capabilities to the committees tasked with preparing reports for the State to have these reports submitted to the UN
  • Submit an annual report to the parliament containing a general assessment of the status of human rights in Iraq, then to publish the report through various media, and
  • Visit, monitor and report on places of detention.

The Commission has a complaint handling mandate which provides that it may, amongst other things: receive complaints from individuals, groups, and civil society organizations; conduct investigations; and refer alleged human rights violations to the public attorney.

Further, the Commission is empowered to coordinate with relevant agencies to develop joint strategies and mechanisms to implement its functions.


Aqeel Jasim Ali Al-Mousawi

Fadhil Abdulzahra Fadhil Al-Gharrawi

Faisal Abdullah Badr

Wihda Mahmood Fahad

Image credits

  1. Young boys stand arm in arm, Baghdad - Omar Chatriwala, Flickr; http://bit.ly/2kTpEcJ