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Graphic: Two men in Muscat, capital of Oman

Oman Human Rights Commission Associate Member since 2013.

378 Ghala
P: +968 2421 8900 F: +968 2421 8926 W: ohrc.om


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APF membership

2013; 18th Annual Meeting


The Oman Human Rights Commission was established by Royal Decree No. 124 / 2008 Concerning the Establishment of a Human Rights Commission. In 2022 the Commission went through reorganisation stipulated by Royal Decree No. (57/2022) containing new mandates.

Objectives and mandate

The Decree specifies that the Commission shall be independent, and that it has been established to "follow up of the protection of human rights and freedom in the Sultanate of Oman in accordance with the Basic Law of the State, international charters and conventions to which the Sultanate of Oman has acceded, and the applicable laws”.

Its mandate further provides the following additional functions:

  • Developing a national human rights strategy and following up its implementation in coordination with all human rights authorities.
  • Monitoring the observations that foreign governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations may raise in the field of human rights in the Sultanate of Oman, and coordinate with the concerned authorities to verify and respond to them.
  • Providing advice to the concerned authorities in the State on issues related to human rights and freedoms and contribute to the preparation of reports that deal with these topics.
  • Monitoring any human rights violations or abuses in the Sultanate of Oman, and assist in their settlement and resolution.
  • Conducting field visits to prisons, places of detention, hospitals and labor gatherings to monitor the human rights situation.
  • Receiving complaints related to human rights, study them and send recommendations to the competent authorities, and follow up on them.
  • Cooperating with international mechanisms related to human rights, prepare reports and participate in meetings related to human rights at the regional or international level.
  • Organizing conferences, courses and seminars related to human rights in coordination with the competent authorities.
  • Representing the Sultanate of Oman in regional and international conferences, events and meetings related to human rights.


Dr. Rashid bin Hamad Al Balushi

Mr. Saud bin Saleh al Mawali
Deputy Chairperson
Mr. Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Ali Al-Owaisi
Dr. Rashid bin Hamed bin Humaid Al-Balushi
Mr. Saood bin Saleh bin Ahmed Al-Mawali
Dr. Saleh bin Hamad bin Mohammed Al-Barashdi
Ms. Aida bint Shamis bin Zayed Al-Hashimi
Mr. Mohammed bin Ali bin Khamis Al-Marzouqi
Ms. Maimoona bint Saeed bin Rashid Al-Sulaimani
Dr. Yahya bin Mohammed bin Zahir Al-Hinai
Mr. Aqeel bin Alawi bin Saleh Baomar, representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Jamal bin Salim bin Saif Al-Nabhani, representing the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs
Suleiman bin Saif bin Suleiman Al-Kindi, representing the Ministry of Education
Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Saadi, representing the Ministry of Labour
Dr Jamal bin Eid bin Nasser Al-Khadhuri, representing the Ministry of Health
Labiba bint Mohammed bin Hamad Al-Mawali, representing the Ministry of Social Development

Image credits

  1. Two men in Muscat, capital of Oman - Sylwia Pecio (Flickr); http://bit.ly/1I4HPlA