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Graphic: View of Amman, capital of Jordan

Jordan National Centre for Human Rights Full Member since 2007.

151 Zahran Street
P: +962 6 593 1256 F: +962 6 593 0072 W: www.nchr.org.jo


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APF membership

Full Membership (2007, 12th Annual Meeting); Associate Membership (2004, 9th Annual Meeting)


The Jordan National Centre for Human Rights was established by Royal Decree/Provisional Law on 19 December 2002 under Article 94(1) of the Constitution of Jordan and the decision of the Council of Ministers of the 3 December 2002. It became operational on 1 June 2003.

The Royal Decree was subsequently made permanent by the National Centre for Human Rights Law (Permanent Law No 51 of 2006).

Role and functions

The Centre has a wide human rights mandate and deals with cases of human rights violations, complaints, education and promotion, monitoring and integrating human rights into Jordanian legislation and practices.

Its primary objectives are to:

  • Promote the principles of human rights within the Kingdom by drawing from the tolerant teachings of Islam and the heritage of Arab Islamic values, as well as the rights enshrined in the Constitution and the principles asserted in international charters and covenants
  • Contribute to entrenching the principles of human rights within the Kingdom at both intellectual and practical levels and to ensure non-discrimination among citizens on the basis of race, language, religion or sex
  • Bolster the democratic process within the Kingdom in order to create a comprehensive and balanced model based on disseminating freedoms and safeguarding political pluralism, respecting the rule of law and guaranteeing the right to economic, social and cultural development
  • Strive to ensure the Kingdom's accession to Arab and International human rights charters and conventions.

Board of Trustees

Ms Samar Khaled al Haj Hassan

Dr. Saad Hijazi
Deputy Chairperson

Dr. Mousa Burayzat

Mr. Ayman Odeh

Ms. Taghreed Hikmat

Ms. Wafa Bani Mustafa,

Dr. Ghazi Zaben,

Dr. Khaled Abu Tayeh,

Mr. Nimer Zinati

Dr. Rateb Ouran

Dr. Sawsan Majali

Prof Dr. Hind Abu Shaar

Mr. Tareq Momani

Dr. Walid Abdul Hai

Dr. Ghaida Katibi

Dr. Abeer Dababneh

Ms. Jumana Ghneimat

Dr. Abdel Bari Durrah

Mr. Omar Abu Weshah

Ms. Alya'a Zerikat

Mr. Ziyad Al Homsi

Twelve years ago, Nisreen Zerikat from the Jordan National Centre for Human Rights, undertook her first visit to listen to and document the concerns of prisoners. She is still advocating for their rights today.

Image credits

  1. View of Amman, capital of Jordan - APF/Benjamin Lee