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Our story

Our vision is for an Asia Pacific where everyone enjoys human rights

As a coalition of national human rights institutions, we work together and share our expertise to help make this vision a reality

Founded in 1996, the APF has created a strong and united platform that brings together National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) from all corners of the Asia Pacific to address some of the most serious human rights challenges in our region.

Drawing on 25 years of human rights experience, a commitment to innovation and an outcomes-based approach to our work, our expertise lies in supporting the establishment of NHRIs and strengthening the capacity of our members to carry out their vital work.

We also work closely with governments, civil society organisations, regional human rights bodies, and the international community to build strong partnerships and strengthen the impact of our members as they work to build fair, inclusive, and resilient communities.

From five founding members, the APF membership has expanded to 26 NHRIs. Our network now supports over 4000 dedicated human rights defenders who work tirelessly on the ground to protect the rights of those most vulnerable.

Through the sustained and dedicated efforts of our members, the APF is helping to build an Asia Pacific where everyone can enjoy their human rights.