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Accessibility Policy

The APF aims to make its website accessible for all visitors.

The site meets the majority of the Priority 1 requirements outlined in the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for 'Level A' conformance and many of the requirements required to satisfy 'Double-A' & 'Triple-A' conformance levels.

The APF recognises the importance of satisfying all Priority 1 checkpoints and is actively working to achieve this.


The top menus provide access to the main sub-sections of the APF website.

The expandable menus within the sub-sections are text-based lists and will still work for users using alternative browsing technologies or who have Javascript and/or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) disabled.

Technical requirements

This website will run on a wide range of browsers and operating systems. Javascript is used throughout this site. However, site content is still accessible to users with Javascript disabled.

Where possible the site has been designed so that it will transform gracefully when CSS or Javascript are disabled. Pages are marked up in semantic fashion that allows them to be easily understood when these styling / display elements are removed.


We publish content primarily in HTML, Word and PDF formats. Some older documents, as well as some documents provided by our member institutions, are in PDF format only.

If you are unable to read PDF documents, please contact the APF on apf@asiapacificforum.net and we will arrange to provide you with the document(s) you require in an alternative format.

Help or feedback

Maintaining and improving the accessibility of this website is very important to us. Please contact us on apf@asiapacificforum.net if you have any problems using the site or for any questions, comments or feedback