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Supporting National Human Rights Institutions

We promote the establishment of independent NHRIs in the Asia Pacific and support our members to be as effective as possible.

A fundamental goal of the APF is to promote the establishment of independent NHRIs in the Asia Pacific region and to support our members to do their work as effectively as possible.

We do this by providing a comprehensive suite of programs and services, as well as contributing the collective voice of our members to discussion of human rights issues at the regional and international levels.

Manual - full

An NHRI guide on responding to COVID-19 impacts on LGBTI people

26 Apr 2022  
Manual - full

Facilitating a NHRI Gender Audit: Toolkit for National Human Rights Institutions in the Asia Pacific

26 Feb 2021  
Manual - full

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning: A Guide for National Human Rights Institutions

27 Jan 2021  
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