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Promoting & Protecting Human Rights

Graphic: Amman, Jordan

The APF provides the support our members need to be powerful agents for change.

The APF and our member institutions play a critical role in contributing to genuine reforms talking place in different parts of the Asia Pacific region.

Change can take many forms, including removing discrimination in laws and policies, improving the practices of law enforcement and government officials, promoting better ways of doing business, and challenging negative stereotypes about vulnerable groups in the community.

We work with a range of partners – civil society organisations, governments and international organisations – to help build communities where the human rights of all people are protected.


APF meets with National Human Rights Commission of Taiwan

15 May 2024  

APF members meet to discuss digitalisation, emerging technologies and human rights

23 Apr 2024  

Strengthening NHRI capacity to protect Human Rights Defenders

22 Apr 2024  

Advancing human rights through community-led development in the Pacific

17 Apr 2024  
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  1. Amman, Jordan - Sirio Carnevalino on AdobeStock