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Afghanistan: Ten point road map for peace presented to President

Graphic: Doves of peace

The Commission and civil society organisations have presented the country's new President with the Afghan Peoples’ Ten-Point Road Map for Peace.

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission and leading civil society organisations have presented newly inaugurated President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai with the Afghan Peoples' Ten Point Road Map for Peace.

"We were pleased to note the prominence you gave in your inaugural address to good governance, human rights and women's empowerment, as well as the need to tackle widespread corruption while ensuring equitable development," they wrote in an open letter to the incoming President.

"We view Afghanistan's Government of National Unity as the ultimate vehicle to protect and promote the socio-political rights of all Afghans and, accordingly, share and support your vision of securing the rights of all Afghan men and women as the basis for building a peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan."

The Road Map for Peace draws on the views expressed by more than 6,000 ordinary Afghan citizens who have taken part in discussions held in all 34 provinces, including remote and rural areas.

Thirty provincial-level road maps for peace have also been produced.

The Road Map for Peace urges national and international policymakers at all levels to promptly and adequately address the root-causes of conflict and promote sustainable peace through focusing on the following ten identified priorities:

  1. Promote responsive State institutions
  2. Strengthen security institutions
  3. Disarm and disempower illegal armed groups and other pro-government militias
  4. Promote human rights, rule of law and tackle impunity
  5. Promote women's rights and their role in peacebuilding
  6. Enable youth through fostering job creation and strengthening the education system
  7. Realise equitable social and economic development
  8. Ensure inclusivity in the peace process
  9. Strengthen community-based dispute resolution mechanisms
  10. Neutralise spoilers of peace.

Prepared by 11 Afghan civil society networks and the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, the Road Map was first presented to the presidential candidates in June.

Read the Afghan People's Ten Point Road Map for Peace

Read the open letter to the President.

Date: 12 October 2014

Image credits

  1. Doves of peace - UN/Freshta Dunya, Flickr Creative Commons