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APF holds High Level Dialogue with Bangladeshi NHRI

Graphic: Participants take part in the High Level Dialogue via Zoom

The new leadership team of the Bangladeshi NHRI has taken part in discussions with the APF to explore their role to push for human rights progress.

The new leadership team of the National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh recently took part in discussions with the APF that explored their role to promote and protect human rights in the South Asian nation.

The APF High Level Dialogue, which was held as a series of virtual sessions over four days, provided an opportunity for the Commission's Chairperson and members to identify the pressing human rights issues in Bangladesh and their collective priorities for action.

Chairperson Nasima Begum was appointed to lead the eight-member Commission team in September 2019. She is the first woman to lead the country's national human rights institution (NHRI).

Graphic: Men take a ferry ride, Dhaka

The conversations explored the unique role and mandate of NHRIs, the challenges they can face and their responsibilities under the Paris Principles.

Other topics included the practical role of NHRIs to engage with the government, at both the national and regional levels, as well as the parliament, civil society and the media to promote and protect fundamental rights.

These discussions included a practical focus on how the Commission can promote understanding and action, as well as monitor progress, on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The APF's High Level Dialogue encourages new Commissioners within an NHRI to talk openly, share their priorities and chart a course to better promote and protect human rights in their country.

Other topics covered during the High-Level Dialogue included:

  • Strengthening relationships between Commissioners/management and staff
  • Building the capacity of staff across the NHRI's operations
  • Engaging with the international human rights system
  • Implementing recommendations of the Commission's Capacity Assessment Review, undertaken with the APF in 2019.

Senior NHRI managers, including directors of the regional offices, joined the Commission's leadership team for some of the discussions.

The High Level Dialogue – held from 5-8 October 2020 – was facilitated by Pip Dargan, representing the APF secretariat; APF Expert NHRI Consultant Rosslyn Noonan; and Ahmed Shahid, former Secretary-General of the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives.

Date: 12 October 2020

Image credits

  1. Participants take part in the High Level Dialogue via Zoom - APF
  2. Men take a ferry ride, Dhaka - Blese, Flickr CC