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APF meets with Mongolian NHRI

Graphic: Participants during the online meeting

The APF met with the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia to discuss the work of the institution and discuss potential areas for support.

The APF has held a virtual ‘introduction session’ with the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia (NHRC) to discuss the work of the institution and potential areas of APF support. 

Although the NHRC has been a long-term and valued member of the APF since 2001, the session was an opportunity to introduce recently appointed leaders to the APF’s services, and for the APF to learn about recent changes to the NHRC’s legislation and mandate.

The online session, which took place on 30 September 2021, was facilitated by Pip Dargan, Principal Adviser, Capacity Assessments and International Engagement, and Rosslyn Noonan, Senior NHRI Expert and APF Envoy.   

During the session, Khunan Jargalsaikhan, NHRC Acting Chief Commissioner, outlined the mandate and functions of the Commission and provided an update on the recent legislative and mandate changes.

The NHRC revised law, which came into effect in March 2020, provides for significant improvements and strengthening of the NHRC, including an increase in the number of Commission members from three to five, and a more transparent Commissioner selection process in compliance with the Paris Principles. 

Another significant change to the NHRC’s mandate relates to Mongolia’s Human Rights Defender (HRD) law which commenced in July 2021. A new Commissioner will be appointed to the NHRC responsible for promoting the rights of HRDs in the country. 

APF secretariat staff including Pip Dargan, Faso Aishath, Gender and Pacific Manager and Phillip Wardle, Legal and Policy Manager, discussed the type of support the APF provides to NHRIs, including:

  • Facilitating a High-Level Dialogue, to engage the NHRI's leadership team on their responsibilities and their individual and collective goals
  • Providing information and advice on international accreditation with the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions
  • Capacity development programs, such as training on functional areas of an institution’s work.
  • Support to strengthen gender equality within an institution, including advice on gender mainstreaming and conducting a gender audit. 

During the meeting, Acting Chief Commissioner, Khunan Jargalsaikhan noted NHRC’s appreciation to the APF for its support over many years. 

The APF looks forward to future cooperation with the NHRC, including facilitating engagement between the Commission and other NHRIs in Central Asia. 

Date: 1 November 2021

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  1. Participants during the online meeting - APF