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Building partnerships to combat hate and discrimination

Graphic: A group of smiling children, India

The 2019 APF Conference will look at the role of NHRIs to counter hate, prejudice and discrimination.

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In the wake of violent attacks that have rocked the Asia Pacific this year, the 2019 APF Conference will look at the role of national human rights institutions (NHRIs) to counter hate and discrimination.

Representatives from NHRIs, civil society organisations, government and international agencies in the region will contribute to panel discussions examining:

  • Good practice responses to hate and discrimination by NHRIs
  • Building partnerships and cooperation to counter hate and discrimination
  • Measures to be taken to prevent hate and discrimination in all parts of society.

The Conference, to be held in Seoul on 5 September 2019, will be hosted by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea.

"We know the devastating impacts that hate and discrimination can have on the lives of individuals and families," APF secretariat Director Kieren Fitzpatrick said.

"However, hate and division also has a corrosive effect on the health of our communities," he said

"The Asia Pacific has a broader spectrum of races, ethnicities and religions than any other region in the world, which is why it is vital that we build partnerships to counter hate and prejudice in all its forms."

The 24th APF Annual Meeting will be held in Seoul on 3-4 September 2019, in the lead up to the Conference.

In addition to presentations from the APF's 25 member institutions, the Annual Meeting will include an interactive dialogue with representatives from the Asian NGOs Network on National Human Rights Institutions (ANNI).

More information about the APF Conference and Annual Meeting will be available shortly on the APF website.

Date: 25 July 2019

Image credits

  1. A group of smiling children, India - Loren Joseph on Unsplash