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Commission issues directives on arrests and detention

Graphic: Flag of Sri Lanka

The Commission has issued directives to be followed by designated officials arresting persons under national anti-terrorism legilsation.

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) has issued Directives to be followed by designated officials arresting persons under the Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act No 48 of 1979 (PTA).

The Directives seek to ensure that the fundamental rights of persons arrested or detained are respected and protected, and such persons are treated humanely, the HRCSL said.

They are based on the Directives on Arrest and Detention issued by previous heads of state and binding international human rights law standards.

The Directives have been provided to inform he arrest process, the process to be followed after the arrest, and special measures related to the arrest of women and persons under 18 years.

According to its mandate, HRCSL officials or any person authorized by it should be permitted access to the person arrested or detained under the PTA and should be permitted to enter at any time any place of detention, police station or any other place at which such person is detained in custody or confined.

The full document is available on the Commission's website.

Date: 28 May 2016

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  1. Flag of Sri Lanka - Nimal S, Flickr; http://bit.ly/28XoLZL