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​Commission will keep fighting for anti-communist purge victims


Indonesia’s National Commission on Human Rights said it will keep fighting to secure justice for victims of the country’s anti-communist purges.

Indonesia's National Commission on Human Rights has said that it will keep fighting to bring justice for victims of the country's anti-communist purges of 1965, Channel News Asia reported.

This is despite the Government rejecting a report by the International People's Tribunal, which ruled that Indonesia had committed crimes against humanity.

On 25 July 2015, coordinator of the International People's Tribunal Nursyahbani Katjasungkana handed a copy of the Hague-based tribunal's report to Indonesia's National Commission on Human Rights, saying the Government faced a nine-count indictment of crimes.

An international panel of judges last week concluded that the government was responsible for human rights violations such as mass killings, imprisonment, slavery, torture, forced disappearance, sexual violence, false propaganda, international complicity and genocide.

The report claimed that the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia were complicit.

"The State of Indonesia is responsible for and guilty of crimes against humanity consequent upon the commission and perpetration, particularly by the military of that state through its chain of command, of the inhumane acts", Chief Justice Zak Yacoob stated in the judges' final report.

Commissioner Siti Noor Laila told journalists that Indonesia was still in the process of reconciliation while attempting to distinguish the facts of the incident, and that the Commission was in talks with the Attorney General, but both parties had not been able to come to an agreement on the matter yet.

Chief Justice Yacoob has urged the Indonesian government to issue an apology, investigate the alleged crimes against humanity and compensate victims.

Meanwhile, members of the Human Rights Commission said that if they were to take a judicial route with regard to the violations, they would have to ensure that all the elements and evidence to be presented would need to be complete.

Date: 25 July 2016

Source: Channel News Asia