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HRCM provides guidelines on autopsies

Graphic: Entrance to Maafushi Prison

The guidelines seek to preserve an individual’s dignity after death and to further scrutinise deaths that occur in irregular circumstances.

The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has established guidelines for conducting autopsies and other post-mortem examinations.

The HRCM said in a statement that these guidelines are to preserve an individual's dignity after death and to further scrutinise deaths that have occurred in suspicious or irregular circumstances.

The new guidelines also set out how the State should share information with the family of the deceased and the need for results of an autopsy to be examined within a 'quick' time frame.

The HRCM said that the guidelines also intend to help ensure that uniform procedures are carried out across different medical facilities, in order to overcome some of the current challenges related to using test results in legal proceedings.

Date: 8 January 2018

Source: Raajje.mv

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  1. Entrance to Maafushi Prison - APF