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Korea: New policy framework on human rights to be introduced

Graphic: Korea

The NHRCK has announced it will work with the Ministry of Justice to introduce a new policy framework to better protect and promote human rights.

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) has announced it will work with the Ministry of Justice to jointly introduce the Framework Act on Human Rights Policy, which sets out a national policy framework for the promotion and protection of human rights in South Korea.

The law, once enforced, will contribute to the establishment of a government-wide national human rights policy framework, thereby reinforcing the role of the central and local governments in protecting human rights throughout the country.   

This is the first time that the Commission and the Ministry have worked together on a bill to enhance human rights protection. 

NHRCK Chairperson Young-ae Choi met with Minister Beom-key Park in late June to discuss how they will cooperate for the introduction of the bill. 

During the meeting, Chairperson Young-ae Choi highlighted the important role that the Act will play in protecting people’s rights and developing a culture that respects human rights and wished for the continued cooperation and communication with the Ministry of Justice for the successful implementation of the Act. 

Minister Park responded that the Ministry of Justice hopes to further enhance cooperation between the two sides by jointly introducing the legislation and reaffirmed his commitment to working closely with the Commission in enforcement of human rights policies.   

The NHRCK and the Ministry of Justice, as the two government bodies primarily responsible for the implementation of the Framework Act on Human Rights Policy, continue to cooperate closely to ensure protection of people's rights and establish a permanent human rights protection mechanism.

Date: 26 July 2021

Source: National Human Rights Commission of Korea

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  1. Korea - Michael McDonough, Flickr Creative Commons