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Mongolia’s State Parliament discusses 22nd Status Report on Human Rights


The National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia submitted its 22nd Status Report on Human Rights Freedom to Mongolia's State Parliament.

The National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia’s Chief Commissioner Khunan Jargalsaikhan has submitted the 22nd Status Report on Human Rights Freedom and Rights to Mongolia’s state parliament.

The report is the result of the Commissioners' recommendations and directives for preventing human rights violations in the two years since the appointment of new members to the Mongolian Commission. 

The report is based on research, monitoring, and evaluation conducted by the NHRCM in 2022, including citizen complaints and reports, inquiries conducted on its behalf and the initiative of a member of the Commission, official reports of government institutions, research, and the conclusions of international human rights organisations in Mongolia. 

The report developed 43 proposals relating to the following topics:

  • The right to liberty and personal security: unwarranted arrest, pre-trial detention, life imprisonment, solitary confinement, involuntary medical treatment
  • Civil participation: press freedom, peaceful demonstration and assembly, and the freedom to establish and join organizations
  • Labor rights: the right to work, the legal status of civil servants, the state of civil service policies and reforms, civil servants' wages, and the implementation of social security
  • Children’s rights: including the activities of the Child Rights Legal Committee, which provides services to children involved in crimes, victims, and witnesses
  • Enjoyment of older person’s rights: social security of older persons, the right to work, health protection, the right to live free from violence and discrimination, and the right to development
  • Human rights defenders' rights and protection: the results of monitoring and observing complaints and reports submitted to the Commission on violations of human rights defenders' rights
  • Gender equality in the political sphere: Research on the implementation and regulation of the Law on Gender Equality in the political sphere, as well as an assessment of the issue of gender discrimination in the political sphere.

The Standing Committee on Legal Affairs held an open and quasi-public hearing on the report on 25-26 April, which was followed by a plenary session on 27 April to discuss the report. 

The Chairman of the State Parliament, Zandanshatar Gombojav, reiterated that Mongolia faces problems implementing and enforcing legislation and asked the Standing Committee to draft a resolution in response to the report’s findings. 

Date: 30 May 2023

Source: National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia

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  1. National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia