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New APF course to strengthen NHRI skills in monitoring and evaluation


NHRI staff will have the opportunity to strengthen skills in monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning, by taking part in a new APF course.

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NHRIs operate in increasingly complex and challenging political and cultural contexts where addressing human rights issues requires a long-term approach. As part of being an effective institution, NHRIs are required to report on their work and the outcomes that have resulted from their efforts. 

A robust MEAL framework is an essential operational tool that can help a NHRI evaluate the effectiveness of the institution, demonstrate the impact of their work and provide a data-driven picture of the role of the institution in protecting and promoting human rights. 

The new online learning programme is designed to support participants to increase their understanding of MEAL concepts and build their confidence to carry out a MEAL process within their NHRIs. 

The programme will be held from 13 February – 10 March 2023 and will be relevant to NHRI staff members who have, or will have, responsibilities for coordinating and ensuring MEAL processes within their NHRIs. 

The programme will consist of the following two online courses:

Understanding the basics of MEAL 

    • The importance of effective MEAL for NHRIs
    • The link between MEAL, planning, delivery and reporting 
    • Identifying when to develop a MEAL Framework and/or MEAL Plan
    • The ethical and gender dimensions of MEAL 
    • How to ensure the process is accountable to both internal and external stakeholders.

    Planning and implementing MEAL 

    • How to identify indicators, baselines and targets relevant to an NHRI’s human rights priorities and outcomes
    • How to develop questions, data types and sources
    • How to organise, analyse and report on the data findings. 

    The APF has also published a resource for NHRIs to assist with developing a MEAL framework. Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning: A Guide for National Human Rights Institutions provides practical guidelines, tools and resources for NHRIs to integrate MEAL into their work.

    The guide, available for download in English and Arabic, aims to support NHRIs to develop a MEAL framework and plan, enabling them to effectively monitor and evaluate their work, be accountable to their stakeholders, and learn from the results of their activities.

    Date: 2 February 2023