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​NHRC conducts human rights assessments of mining projects

Graphic: NHRC Chairperson inspects mining site

A field team from the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia has gathered information on the human rights impact of major mining projects.

A field team headed by National Human Rights Commission Chief Commissioner Byambadorj Jamsran visited Umnugovi province from 5 to 12 September 2016 to gather first-hand information for a human rights assessment of mining projects in the province.

The Commission team met with mining companies, business entities, local government officials and community members.

The purpose was to analyse the impact of mining activities on the environment, society, economy, human rights and security in Umnugovi province and to identify strategies to eliminate human rights violations and other harmful impacts identified during the assessment.

As part of the field mission, the Commission team conducted an assessment of the environmental, social and human rights impact of major national projects such as "Oyuntolgoi" and "Tavantolgoi".

The team also conducted a survey among labourers working in the mining sector, and collected information from local governments and livestock herders living within the mining impact zone.

The team identified deficiencies in the quality and accessibility of basic health care, welfare and education services provided for local communities due to the extreme population growth caused by mining activities in Dalanzadgad, Tsogttsetsii and Gurvantes soums of Umnugovi province, as well as other emerging problems of human resources and finance.

The Commission has delivered recommendations to the relevant authorities to address these issues and will monitor the implementation of those recommendations.

Date: 19 September 2016

Source: National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia

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  1. NHRC Chairperson inspects mining site - National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia