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The power of telling stories

Graphic: Amy Janowski

Storytelling is so important because it captures the 'why' that drives the work we’re doing, the APF’s new Communications and Networking Officer says.

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Powerful communication in support of human rights can start with something as simple as telling stories, says Amy Janowski, the APF's new Communications and Networking Officer.

"I think storytelling is so important for human rights organisations because it captures why we do the work we're doing," Ms Janowski said.

"It also helps communicates in human terms the changes that NHRIs seek to make with and for individuals and communities."

Communicating consistently with communities, with the media, with government and with partner organisations is critical for promoting and protecting human rights at the national level, Ms Janowski said.

"It is important that NHRIs are at the forefront of public discussion and debate about human rights," she said.

"But one of the things I am excited about is building communication between APF members to encourage one another and build collaboration around common issues."

There are so many passionate people working for change in NHRIs across the region, often in very difficult situations. Storytelling is about sharing that passion.

Asia Pacific Forum Logo Amy Janowski, APF Communications and Networking Officer

Ms Janowski, who took up her role at the beginning of November, comes to the APF with a background in current affairs journalism, international development and community engagement.

All these roles are linked by a strong commitment to social justice.

"It is a real privilege to join the APF because the position brings together my passions for communications, for community engagement and for working on human rights issues," she said.

As part of her role, Ms Janowski will collaborate with members of the APF Communications Network.

"There are a number of exciting projects planned for the coming year and I'm looking forward to working with the Network members to support them in whatever way they need," she said.

"I'm also looking forward to learning more about the innovative communications and education work of our members and sharing that across the APF."

Date: 18 November 2020

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