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Thailand: NHRCT issues recommendations on latest COVID outbreak


The NHRCT has made a series of recommendations in regard to the latest COVID-19 outbreak.

The National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRCT) has submitted a report to the Prime Minister of Thailand, in response to his statement that the government has effectively implemented mechanisms and measures to control and limit the spread of COVID-19.

With respect to human rights issues including the right to health, the right to minimum standards of living, and the duty of the state to protect the rights and freedoms of people in general, the NHRCT presented the following recommendations in regard to the latest COVID-19 outbreak:

1. More measures should be in place to build an accurate understanding of the COVID-19 outbreak, so that society does not stigmatize those affected by the outbreak and respects their right to privacy.

2. It is important to take into account thorough and equitable access to vaccines for groups that may be neglected, and to build sufficient understanding of vaccines and procedures that will allow the public to inform their requests for vaccination.

3. Additional survey by area-level agencies should be conducted to determine whether there are those still affected who are unable to access assistance following state remedial measures, such as those who lose their jobs after the termination of the remedial measures.

4. Serious and ongoing actions should be taken to prevent and suppress corruption, which has affected the rights and freedoms of many people during the new COVID-19 outbreak.

5 . Laws that restrict rights and freedoms in emergency situations should be enforced as carefully as necessary, such as restriction of freedom of assembly and the ban on activities vulnerable to the COVID-19 spread.

The full recommendations are available here.

Date: 1 April 2021

Source: National Human Rights Commission of Thailand

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