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What does equality look like in our region?

Graphic: Young people show their support for a campaign on racial equality in Hong Kong

An international conference, supported by the APF, will explore progress and challenges for equality and non-discrimination in the Asia Pacific.

A commitment to equality and non-discrimination provides the foundation for strong and inclusive communities – but how far have we come in the Asia Pacific?

Representatives from national human rights institutions (NHRIs), civil society organisations, government, UN bodies and academics will consider this question at a two-day conference to be co-hosted by the APF and the Hong Kong Equal Opportunity Commission.

The International Conference on Equality, to be held in Hong Kong on 20-21 September 2018, will provide an overview of progress on equality in Hong Kong and, more broadly, across the region.

In particular, keynote speakers and participants will share their insights on progress and challenges in relation to

  • Women and equality
  • Racial equality
  • Equality for people with disabilities.

The International Conference on Equality will also provide an opportunity to discuss what possible changes in legislation, policies or practices may be appropriate to implement in Hong Kong, and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific, to better tackle discrimination and promote equality.

Graphic: Two women in Nepal hold a sign saying "Equal?"

To ensure the participation of as many APF members as possible in the International Conference, this year's APF Annual Meeting will be held in Hong Kong on 18-19 September 2018.

The 23rd APF Annual Meeting will include an interactive dialogue with representatives from the Asian NGOs Network on National Human Rights Institutions (ANNI)

The meeting will also establish the APF's new governance arrangements, which were adopted following the 2017 annual meeting.

Under the new arrangements, the APF will establish a:

  • General Assembly that will be responsible for setting strategy and making high-level decisions ('A status' members having voting and participatory rights and 'B status' members have participatory rights)
  • Five-member Management Advisory Board, elected from 'A status' members, who will make recommendations to the General Assembly on a range of issues.

Voting for membership of the Management Advisory Board, which will reflect the APF's regional diversity and promote gender equality, will take place at this year's annual meeting.

More information about the International Conference on Equality and the 23rd APF Annual Meeting will shortly be available on the APF website.

Date: 25 July 2018

Image credits

  1. Young people show their support for a campaign on racial equality in Hong Kong - Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission
  2. Two women in Nepal hold a sign saying "Equal?" - Stephan Bachenheimer/World Bank, Flickr CC