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World-first app puts rights at your fingertips

Graphic: Young man looks at smartphone screen

RightsApp allows users to quickly and easily search international human rights conventions and declarations by topic and right.

The Australian Human Rights Commission has collaborated with LexisNexis® to develop RightsApp, the world's first mobile application that allows users to quickly and easily search international human rights conventions and declarations by topic and right.

RightsApp contains the text of some of the world's most important international human rights treaties and agreements, as well as signatory information and relevant United Nations committees' general comments.

"RightsApp is a significant breakthrough in ensuring that vital information and resources are readily available and easily accessible to individuals so they can understand their rights," Commission President Professor Gillian Triggs said.

"It will also assist businesses, employers and community groups to check their obligations under international human rights law."

Graphic: Screen grab from RightsApp

The app sets out Australia's and other nation's responsibilities across a broad cross section of human rights treaties, such as the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Punishment.

"Every day, in virtually every country around the world, we hear or read about a human rights issue. It is something that affects us all and something that more and more businesses are focusing on," Joanne Beckett, Managing Director LexisNexis Australia, said.

"That's why LexisNexis collaborated with the Human Rights Commission to develop this simple to use tool, which makes it easy for people to understand and exercise their rights and responsibilities under international law. And because it is free it is available for everyone."

RightsApp is available for free from the App Store.

RightsApp is currently available for iPhone and iPad. However, the Commission is hoping to release an Android version at some point.

Date: 15 December 2016

Source: Australian Human Rights Commission

Image credits

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  2. Screen grab from RightsApp - Australian Human Rights Commission