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APF meets with new leadership team of Oman’s NHRI

Graphic: Oman

The APF hosted an introductory session for newly appointed leaders of the Oman Human Rights Commission (OHRC) on 13 February, to discuss the range of APF services available to National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) and explore potential areas of collaboration.

The APF secretariat, represented by Pip Dargan, Principal Adviser, APF Leadership Services, Kieren Fitzpatrick, Director, Ahmed Shahid, Acting Manager of Capacity Development and Phillip Wardle, Legal and Policy Manager, provided an overview of the APF's accreditation support, capacity development, and leadership services.

The OHRC has been a member of the APF since 2013. Established in 2008 and reorganised in 2022 following a new Royal Decree, the Commission operates independently to safeguard human rights in Oman in compliance with the Paris Principles

Its functions include developing a national human rights strategy, advising State authorities on human rights matters, investigating violations, conducting field visits, addressing complaints, and collaborating with international human rights mechanisms.

The Commission leadership expressed interest in future APF support, including the provision of advice relating to its application for re-accreditation with the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI). 

The APF looks forward to future cooperation with the OHRC including facilitating engagement between the institution and other APF members. 

The Leadership Services program is available to all APF members. If you are interested in scheduling a call with the APF secretariat, please contact Pip Dargan, Principal Adviser, APF Leadership Services at pipdargan@asiapacificforum.net

Date: 29 February 2024

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  1. Oman - Mostafa Meraji