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APF members identify priority human rights issues

Graphic: Girl writing on blackboard

Priority areas for the APF’s new five-year strategic plan have been identified by APF members and partners in a major survey.

Promoting the rights of women, children, people with disabilities and older people were among the priority issues identified by APF members and partners in a major survey that will inform the APF's new five-year strategic plan.

Other key challenges raised by APF members include the need to respond to the human rights dimensions of mass movement of people (including asylum seekers, refugees, internally displaced persons and migrant workers) and working with business to promote respect for human rights law and standards.

To meet these and other emerging challenges, APF members indicated that complaint handling, awareness raising campaigns, human rights education, cooperating with civil society and engaging with international human rights bodies would be a priority for them in the coming five years.

The survey also revealed strong support for the APF's capacity building and advisory services.

In particular, APF members suggested that priority training programs should focus on building skills and knowledge on monitoring economic social and cultural rights; working with business on human rights; delivering human rights education; promoting the rights of women and girls; undertaking effective investigations; and engaging with the international human rights system.

The survey invited our members, partners and other stakeholder to help shape the APF's strategic objectives for 2015-2020, as well as our vision and mission statements.

This feedback was used to prepare a "forward looking" situational analysis, which included an overview of the regional demographic, political and environmental issues that will shape the work of the APF and our member institutions in the coming five years.

In June 2014, the APF Forum Council Working Group – which included representatives from the national human rights institutions of Australia, India, Palestine, the Philippines and South Korea – met in Sydney to consider the situational analysis and prepare recommendations for the Forum Council in relation to the APF Strategic Plan 2015-2020.

The recommendations on the draft strategic plan will be a key topic of discussion at this year's APF Annual Meeting, to be held in India in September 2014.

Date: 20 July 2014

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  1. Girl writing on blackboard - The Advocacy Project, Flickr Creative Commons