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IHCHR calls for end to killings, kidnappings of protesters

Graphic: Commission representatives meet with the Minister to discuss the demonstrations

The Commission has called for the those responsible for crimes in connection with the demonstrations to be held accountable under the law.

The IHCHR recently took part in a meeting with Minister of Interior, Dr. Yassin Al-Yasiri, convened by the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, to discuss the demonstrations in the country and the events surrounding them.

Accompanying the Head of the Commission, Dr Aqeel al-Mousawi, was Dr Fadhil Al-Gharawi, Dr Anas A. Muhammad, Mr Zidan K. Al-Atwani, Mr Thamer Al-Shammari and Mr Faisal Abdullah.

During the meeting, Dr Al- Mousawi noted that the security services had the responsibility to protect the safety of peaceful demonstrators.

He stressed the critical need to provide full protection for demonstration areas in Baghdad and provincial centres, in order to ensure demonstrators' safety and uphold their freedom of expression.

Dr Al-Mousawi also demanded an end to the repeated killing and kidnapping of demonstrators, activists and media professionals, and that those responsible for these crimes be prosecuted according to the law.

He highlighted the need to disclose the results of investigations into the events and crimes since the start of the demonstrations in Iraq, as well as into the events that took place in Al-Sinaq and Al-Wathba, and to publicly release the results of these investigations as soon as possible.

Source: Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights

Date: 22 December 2019

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  1. Commission representatives meet with the Minister to discuss the demonstrations - IHCHR