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IHCHR stresses importance of building close ties with NGOs in Iraq


Head of IHCHR stresses importance of coordinating humanitarian efforts to support needy and vulnerable segments of society.

The IHCHR's Head, Dr. Aqeel J. Al-Mousawi has stressed the importance of coordinating humanitarian efforts to support needy and vulnerable segments of society.

This came during his meeting with a delegation from Al-Ayn Foundation for Social Welfare, in the presence of Commissioner Dr. Fadhil Al Gharawi.

Al-Mousawi explained during the meeting that the Commission works in accordance with its law, which allows the establishment of coordination relations and joint cooperation with humanitarian agencies to ensure the protection of the rights of citizens, orphans and vulnerable segments of society and support the needy and humanitarian projects for a better future for humanitarian work.

He also stated that "the Commission works jointly according to memoranda of understanding with international and local organizations under legal controls and principles for the sake of the success of joint action, in a way that contributes to documenting violations, especially those committed by ISIS terrorist gangs."

The Head of the Commission praised the efforts of Al-Ayn Foundation in the field of protecting rights and freedoms and supporting orphans, wishing to continue in the service of the Iraqi society.

For his part, Dr. Fadhil Al-Gharawi said that the joint work with organizations of clear classification and specific specialization sheds light on prominent humanitarian issues of different segments, protects rights and reflects the State`s humanitarian facet.

While the Chairman of Al-Ayn Foundation delegation, Mr. Ahmed Najm, expressed his hope for joint cooperation with the Commission in a way that serves humanitarian issues and provides support to the group of orphans, expressing the Foundation's hope to hold a memorandum of understanding for joint work and to achieve progress and success in the field of human rights in Iraq.

Date: 7 February 2021

Source: Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights

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