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NHRI calls for adoption of law against torture

Graphic: Prison fence and barbed wire

The Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights also expressed its concern at the high number of complaints received alleging torture and ill-treatment.

On this global occasion to combat torture in all its forms, the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights calls on our local and international partners to work together to prevent this phenomenon, which violate all values, norms and human rights.

The Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights expresses its concern at the numerous complaints we have received regarding cases of torture and cruel or degrading punishment in order to extract confessions, obtain information, punish the or suspect or to spread fear.

On the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, the IHCHR reiterates its full and complete commitment to reject these violations of human rights.

We affirm our serious efforts to monitor all negative practices, to prevent their recurrence, to pursue justice for victims of torture and to seek punishment for the perpetrators.

That is why the IHCHR urges the concerned parties to expedite the adoption of the draft law against torture.

On this day, we salute all people who work to alleviate the suffering of victims of torture and their families, and their continued efforts to eradicate the scourge of torture and achieve a free and dignified life for our people.

The IHCHR calls for the establishment of legal and professional standards that are applied at the time of arrest of defendants and during hearings, without resorting to force and the use of verbal and physical violence.

The IHCHR express its concern at receiving 155 complaints alleging torture, including complaints alleging torture of more than one person.

A total of 181 people, including 11 women, made claims of torture and ill-treatment in 2018. In 2019, the IHCHR received 231 complaints alleging torture.

The IHCHR is determined to promote and protect human rights in Iraq in accordance with our mandate under Law No. 53 of 2008, which ensures our participation in the establishment of laws and the implementation of international human rights treaties ratified by Iraq.

Date: 26 June 2019

Source: High Commission for Human Rights of Iraq

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